Talk (or Play): Hands on the Touch Table

Are you a non-programmer curious about producing touch table experiences?  I would be glad to facilitate or co-facilitate an introduction to creating touch table experiences that promote exploration of art and humanities content.

In this session, i would like to offer a quick look at some Harn Museum of Art touch table experiences,and then shift into group brainstorming of more effective approaches to engaging audiences in exploring art and humanities content through touch technology.  Alternatively, the session could provide an introduction to working with a particular piece of software, IntiuFace (this is a licensed product that is also available as a free trial version) with the goal of getting general insight into the process of developing touch table content.

Eric Segal, Harn Museum of Art

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About Eric Segal

Eric Segal is Director of Education and Curator of Academic Programs at the Harn Museum of Art. He holds a doctorate in Art History from the University of California, Los Angeles. At the Harn he is responsible for designing programs that engage faculty and students at UF, Santa Fe College and of other area colleges. In this capacity he works with students and student groups directly. He also works extensively with faculty to incorporate museum resources into the curriculum of all disciplines. Among other responsibilities, he leads the museum's Technology Planning Committee.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I’d love to know more about the touchtable in the Harn, for use in bringing classes to the Harn for folks to use the interface in their exploration and learning! I’d also love to know more about touch tables and how the Harn cretes content to learn more about the possibilities!

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