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CAIR Story: Story

I first heard the news at work when a colleague of mine
screamed when she heard the news on radio. I was praying it would not be too devastating and that it should not be
Muslim terrorists. I was disappointed on both counts.
Later that day, my wife and I were at the local supermarket store checking out our stuff when the cashier passed a sly remark at her. She was wearing the Muslim head scarf.
He asked me,"is she a terrorist?". I thought he was joking
because my wife is short and looks pretty harmless. So I replied,"no, she isn't."
I then picked up our carton of ice cream and told him,"look she eats ice cream, she can't be a terrorist". To my disappointment, I found he was serious about his comment and he replied,"I still think she is a terrorist". I wanted to complain to the manager of the store but I didn't. The cashier was a senior citizen. I figured if he hadn't learnt to respect other races and faiths in his 50 or 60 years of life, he is not going to learn today. He did manage to hurt
our feelings.


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