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I woke up that morning as every other, early, to catch the bus for the communte to my job in Downtown Seattle.

I arrived at the office, everyone was hunched over their PC's online, radios and small televisions, What is going on? no one is working!

I saw in horror and disbelief a news broadcast showing the World Trade Towers exploding and crumbling, how can this be? what is going on?. The correspondent on the broadcast frantically trying to get words out, trying to be consise but sounding panicked.

It was true, and a horror to first thought was "O'Allah, please don't let Islam suffer from this this".

I had just converted to Islam a short 1 year before, and I was very afraid, and angry by this. How can this happen now, I do not see where this type of violence and horror is part of my religion. I believe that all that happens in this world, is by Allah's will, whether good or bad. This is one of our Faith. This horror was ment be at this time, only Allah knows why or what outcome will be.

I was shaken to my bones, my stomach turned and I had butterflies as I realized that the beauty of Islam had just been tarnished and defaced by these extremists, that my security as a Muslim woman was now compromised because of this action, and how could they do this to us?

I will not abandon my faith or trust that Allah will reveil His purpose someday. I could only think and contemplate this, and pray for all Muslims and believers in the divine power of God, that we will continue to strive for beauty and perfection in Islam.

All the way home on the bus I looked straight ahead, feeling the stares of other passengers, knowling that they had questions for me that were unable to be expressed. I could only answer them with somber expression. I am a Muslim, by choice!

Alhamdulillah, Subhanillah, Allah Akbar
Sister Kireesah
Seattle, WA USA


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